You Don’t Always Need to Know the Event to Clear the Issue

Using The Body Code is a remarkable way to clear issues without needing to know what the events were.

Tim Janakos uses The Emotion Code and The Body Code to clear issues quickly and easily. He’s been using is for years with remarkable results. He’s also FAST, VERY FAST. It’s amazing listen to.

Karin Davidson uses EFT for the subconsious resistance to change and Matrix Reimprinting for any events that do pop up during Body Code sessions. The combination is powerful.

THIS IS A LIVE CALL IN SHOW! So make sure you call and get your own issue worked on by Tim and Karin.

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HOST: Karin Davidson is an international speaker and trainer for EFT, Meridian Tapping Techniques, Matrix Reimprinting and Advanced Energy Healing techniques – for self help & for improving your skills in helping others. To contact Karin, email [email protected]

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