Debbie Sprague PTSD

You Can Take Your Life Back from PTSD’s Contagion

Join author Debbie Sprague and TapFest’ Jondi Whitis to learn how to take your life back from the contagion of the PTSD. You can suffer the effects of a loved one or family member’s PTSD – it doesn’t just happen to soldiers. Debbie’s journey into the belly of the beast will arm you with practical steps and loving expertise to reclaim your life, and in the process, re-quip you to handle the effects of the PTSD around you.

Since her book A Stranger in My Bed was released, Debbie’s been asked to speak to groups of all kinds, which she does with dignity and grace. This is her 2nd show on TapFest, which joins a rounded collection of helpful shows surrounding our veterans, their care and return to health & well-being.

TapFest coFounder considers this informative radio collection a vital mission, to engage, energize and empower each of us to make energy medicine’s healing intention and protocols available and accessible to all. Please enjoy this highly practical show, and commit to passing it along to others who can use it to recover from the debilitating effects of PTSD, whether first-hand or second-hand.

Jondi Whitis is an energy worker in NYC, a master trainer for AAMET International, a collaborator, creating communities of transformation, and mentor for practitioners of excellence. Contact: [email protected]




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