Why Matrix Reimprinting? Why not just EFT? Guest: Ann Adams

Matrix Reimprinting is an advanced EFT technique develped by Karl Dawson that actually goes into the negative past memories and changes the picture –  to literally transform that memory. This releases the root of the negative learning and emotions, which then changes our problematic reactions to our current life events.

Welcome to our first Matrix Reimprinting show. Karin Davidson is the host of the show and you can find out more about her at www.eftcert.com/why-karin.

My first guest is Ann Adams, LCSW, former director of Gary Craig’s EFT Masters program, and director of a children’s mental hospital for 35 years.

I chose Ann because many people wonder why we need Matrix Reimprinting if we have EFT.  Here I offer Ann the doorway to ask whatever questions she wants about EFT versus Matrix Reimprinting – but also how the two techniques can work together to help ourselves and our clients.

Ann and I come from very different backgrounds so it promises to be a very interesting show.

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You can find out more about Ann Adams at http://www.fromthedeskofannadams.com/

HOST:  Karin Davidson is an international speaker and trainer for EFT, Meridian Tapping Techniques, Matrix Reimprinting and Advanced Energy Healing techniques –  for self help & for improving your skills in helping others. To contact Karin, email [email protected]

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