Why EFT Works – New Science and Research

Have you ever tried to convince somebody that EFT tapping works?

Well this should make it easier.

There’s a new video on the latest research which explains why and how EFT Tapping rewires the brain, making lasting change for the better.

People from all over the world have been using EFT tapping for over 15 year now, and the fascinating new science on EFT is just coming out!

In this video with EFT expert Nick Ortner you’ll learn some of this new science that is once and for all silencing the few remaining skeptics on EFT.

This video is a part of the introduction to this year’s 2012 Tapping World Summit!

The Tapping World Summit is the largest EFT Tapping event of the year with over 300,000 people attending last year’s summit.

It’s totally free to attend, and easy, because it is online and you can listen and watch through your computer. It only happens once a year, so if you want to really learn the latest developments in EFT tapping make sure you register for free.

For now, just watch this great video.  These new developments are really important and can have a big impact on your life.

Tapping World Summit 2012 video

Can You Change the Wiring of Your Brain?

Researchers Have Discovered Life Altering Information About How The Simple EFT Tapping Technique is Changing the Brain and How You Can Use It to Drastically Improve the Results in Your Life Today . 

In this video, EFT expert Nick Ortner, producer of the documentary film “The Tapping Solution” and “The Tapping World Summits”, shares:

  • Which particular part of your brain is keeping you stuck and the surprisingly simple way to train it to get you “unstuck”.
  • Why “traditional” techniques are outdated and slow at creating change and why the newest Tapping techniques bring about lasting change quickly.
    (Why bother with slow results or no results when you could be getting fast, proven results right now?)
  • Your brain’s confusion about common fears, like the fear of speaking in public, socializing with others and flying – There’s a way to finally let go of any fear, anxiety or other negative emotions within minutes
  • How to use your brain to reprogramming limiting patterns, beliefs and negative traumas – so that they no longer limit your ability to live to your full potential
  • Why negative experiences from your past have a bigger impact on you than you think and how you can rewire them to eliminate their negative effects… (The story of Susan, her mother’s attempted suicide and the effect on her finances will surprise you).
There will be three enlightening videos leading up to the opening of the 2012 Tapping World Summit. This first video has clips from Nick Ortner’s  presentation at Hay House.
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