What’s in a Name? Find Out & Succeed

Turns out there’s a lot in our names, and ways to easily learn who you’re dealing with, and how you’ll succeed together with less struggle, mystery and wasted energy.

Sharón Lynn Wyeth’s discovery, detailed in the book, Know the Name, Know the Person, is a watershed moment in inter-personal relationship building.  Whether you’re interested for your customer, client, mate, your child (or even your child’s teacher), this TapFest show will aid you and amaze you.

I’ve even asked Sharón to spend extra time revealing how to use this for children, where rapport building is crucial.

As citizens of the world, especially energy workers that seek to connect and empower one another, having this vital, revealing information about one another is key to rapid connection and collaboration.  This is perfect for every practitioner.

You’ll hear more about Sharón’s fascinating book, and even how to pre-order her new one for Fall, Know The Name, Know the Spirit.  She makes things easy and interesting, too.

I’m inviting the person who writes in with the best question to present it live to Sharón, on the show. I’ll select this person from the ones who write in before the show, to [email protected]

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HOST: Jondi Whitis is a NYC based EFT Trainer and Practitioner offering tapping mastery through in-depth, personal training. If excellence is your goal, contact: [email protected] or [email protected]


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