What’s Bugging You?

Helen McConnell EFT Tapping

Tapping on Everyday Irritations,
to Clear Lifelong Issues

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What’s Bugging You? Let’s Fix It With Tapping!

When someone or something is bugging you, it may show up as emotional upset, such as irritation, frustration or anger, or physical symptoms such as pain, a rash, or other ailments. Whatever is bugging you is a clue to a deeper issue – often something from our past – wanting to be healed.

Left unchecked, these issues can create chronic health problems, relationship issues, and a general sense of dissatisfaction with life. But you can choose to use what’s bugging you as a catalyst for healing. Helen will show us how with Tapping, we can quickly go from the symptom that’s showing up, to the root cause. Once discovered, we can heal the root cause – for good.

This dynamic show airs twice monthly and includes unscripted tapping with a participant. Listen and see how Helen uses tapping, combined with compassion and intuition, to help her guest discover what’s really bugging them, so they can release the problem. You can tap along and get your own great results. That’s what we call “Borrowing Benefits.”

Archived episodes are available for you to listen to and tap along to.

Who is Helen?

Helen McConnell is a Certified EFT Practitioner and has been a professional success coach for over 15 years – in the corporate world, in non-profits, and in her private practice. She specializes in helping people release and dissolve the hurts, traumas and limiting beliefs that hold them back from being the best and most authentic version of themselves.



Here’s what people are saying about working with Helen:

“The results were pretty astounding. I felt unbelievably calm and tranquil. The anxiety I’ve lived with for years and years is virtually gone…This was the next day – It was a crazy busy day at work and I was completely devoid of that sinking-in-the-gut tightening semi-panic that I’ve lived with for so many years. I just felt so grounded and calm. It was amazing. My energy level has increased dramatically because I’m not being so drained by anxiety.” – Laura Dunne, Portland, OR

“That was both so peaceful and so powerful. I am really looking forward to practicing this each day – taking a few moments of putting my hand on my heart and connecting with the hearts of humanity. Breathing in that ripple of love and breathing it back out to the planet. Your words have transformed my focus from my breath to my heart-breath. I love the visual that is now in my mind. Up until now, focusing on my breath has been an inward reflection. I mean, my breath was all in my body. What a lovely way to start my day. Thank you, my friend! xo” – Elena M. Alberta, Canada

“You have really changed my life! You are one of the few people in my life that have made a difference! I feel joy in my heart! Thank you!” – Teresa – Portland

“I just realized my body is pain free for the first time in years! This is remarkable!” – S.P. Portland – after one session.

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