What Is Your Co-Dependent Bargain? on Love Tap

What is your co-dependent bargain?

You live by it.  It is the underlying principle of every relationship.

It is how you attempt to feel safe and to win love.

Yet, for most, this belief system operates in the unconscious even though it is the primary motivator of our relationship to our self and others.

This phrase, coined by Cathryn Taylor, leading inner child therapist, weaves together the concepts of co-dependency and grief.

Co-dependency is the need to meet others needs in an attempt to get your own needs met.

To bargain is to engage is the second stage of grief.  Taylor suggests that weaving together these two concepts offers a way to begin to identify the behaviors we adopted in childhood to ward off the impending devastation of loss experienced when our needs did not get met.

As children we determine it is because we are not good enough to deserve to have them met. This belief becomes our blueprint for intimacy, self love and self sabotage. Tune in to discover how you can identify your co-dependent bargain and how you can use energy tapping to neutralize and redesign it.

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