What Is Karma Clearing?

Have you ever wondered why it is, that you often repeat the same mistakes over and over again, even when you “know better”?

Why you attract the same dysfunctional relationships, and react with the same inappropriate response patterns?

How you seem to attract similar circumstances repeatedly?

In this show, an introduction to Dr. Horan’s work, Stacey Vornbrock will interview Paula Horan regarding the ego’s addiction to suffering.

We will examine how karma, crystalized memory, literally manufactures our experience and how we can finally take conscious control and dissipate it by using EFT, so that we can return to our natural state.

We will also examine the ancient forerunners of EFT and how they are similar to what yogis and yoginis have used for millennia to attain real freedom.

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Interviewed: Paula Horan Ph.D. (Laxmi Dechen Wangmo) is an American psychologist who lives in Asia. A Reiki Master for more than twenty five years and author of eight books on meditation, alternative health, and non-dual awareness, her new book Fierce Innocence, is available on Amazon.

Drawing on her considerable experience in the Taoist tradition, Advaita Vedanta, and the Vajrayana, she has combined her knowledge with EFT to root out the key to unconscious suffering, helping many discover a new level of clarity, self respect and responsibility for their lives.

In Paula’s five day Jnana Yoga, Core Empowerment retreats, she helps participants cut through a mind deluded by a belief in separation and habituated to fear, to a new sense of self confidence, open to the experience of non-dual awareness.  View further info and free downloads of her meditations and a chart on EFT at www.paulahoran.com.  She is available for consultations at: 1 (303) 619-9482.




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