What is forgiveness? Can it Bring Peace Love Happiness? Lessons 61-74 ACIM

When we see ourselves as separate from each other, we are not recognizing we share one Source that created us. What we see is separate bodies that can hurt one another.

Because we don’t recognize that what we perceive is not separate from us, the perceiver, we believe that the world, those we see outside of us, can be in opposition to us; and that they have the power to hurt or make us happy.

This means that answers to our problems and safety fears are outside of us, in the hands of others, and circumstance that we cannot control, and we feel scarred and powerless.

A Course in Miracles offers us the solution to our hurt and powerlessness: forgiveness.

It equates forgiveness to happiness and love because in connecting to the Light within we are able to release the judgment that others have or can hurt us.

In our Light connection we recognize the truth of our identity: oneness with Source and each other. Here we assume charge of our happiness because we can let go of the grievances that are the source of our pain.

Forgiveness is how we connect and excercise our inherent power of love. It releases us from believing we are victims or perpetrators, offering us the freedom to choose love in all circumstances and experience happiness and safety.

ACIM Lesson 68: “You who were created by love like itself can hold no grievances and know your Self. To hold a grievance is to forget who you are.”

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Eloisa RamosHOST: Eloisa Ramos, AMT Certified EFT Master, combines her study and practice of A Course in Miracle principles with her EFT work and has evolved the Ramos Clearing Technique as a tool to access and release deeply rooted beliefs, images and imprints that cloud awareness to the Divine Truth within us. She is author of Beyond Self-esteem: Discovering Your Boundless Self-worth. For questions or further information on EFT, muscle testing or to purchase a PDF download of her book , or download a free version of the Ramos Clearing Technique flowchart, visit: http://www.healing-with-eft.com/ramos-clearing.html. To schedule a private phone or Skype session with Eloisa, call 707 837-5134 or email [email protected]

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