Websites for Practitioners – How to Build One

You want to have a successful practice, but if  your services are not listed online it makes it very hard for clients to find you!

So many talented practitioners are struggling to make a living because they are missing the most important part of a 21st century business…a WEBSITE!

Well, putting up a website for your EFT practice doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. The internet has evolved and now you can easily put up your website yourself! You don’t need to hire a website designer. With WordPress you can have a professional looking website design for free.

You don’t believe me? Well this website here at EFT Radio Online is a WordPress site. I can change the look and feel of it with a push of a button just by choosing a different “theme” template. They are already pre-designed.

One of my mentors, Christina Hills is holding a free teleseminar to show you how you can use WordPress to get your website finally built.

Register for this FREE WordPress training call and get your handout with lots of great pictures and screenshots to make it easy for you to follow along:

This call is for non-techies, who want to see what they can do with WordPress. You can listen from your computer, or on the phone.

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