Wayne Dyer EFT Tapping World Summit 2014

Wayne Dyer Demonstrates EFT Tapping to Forgive – Tapping World Summit Video #1

He was very, very angry – and with good reason.

If you had been in Wayne’s shoes, would you have been able to forgive?

Who do you have in YOUR life that you need to forgive? How would it change your life to forgive and release any anger, resentment, hatred or other negative emotions that you carry, towards others as well as yourself? (Don’t forget the forgiving yourself part!)

Watch this very touching video where Wayne Dyer sits down with Nick Ortner to talk about how he forgave unforgivable acts and how to use EFT tapping to forgive. Join in and tap along!


This moving video is part of a video series for the upcoming
6th annual Tapping World Summit 2014, a free online event
that had over 500,000 attendees last year.
Learn all about the life transforming power EFT Tapping.

Most people today know Wayne Dyer for his best-selling books (having sold literally hundreds of millions of copies), his Public Broadcasting Station television specials, and his heart-warming and thought-provoking talks. But many do not know that up to that point in his life when he visited his father’s grave, he was overweight, drinking heavily, and was as he describes himself, “Basically on an involuntary suicide mission.”

But he was able to radically transform himself, through the power of forgiveness, and in this video, as well as the upcoming 6th annual Tapping World Summit, you’ll learn how to do the same, to radically improve the quality of your own life.

I hope you take a few minutes to watch this video, and I highly recommend attending the free online 10 day Tapping World Summit 2014, which begins on February 24th. This event has had over a million people attend it over the last 5 years. It is a huge, life-changing, no-cost event.

One of my favorite parts of the videos is Wayne’s “plane story” – Let’s just say that it involves Wayne coming out of a bathroom on a plane covered in sweat from head-to-toe, and I’ll leave the rest for you to hear right from him: It’s at about 20 minutes into the video.

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