Want to Be a Successful EFT Practitioner?

Have you recently trained as an EFT Practitioner?

Are you wanting to transition from tapping with friends and family, to paying clients?

Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of marketing yourself now, or uncomfortable asking for a fee you deserve to be paid.

I have great news for you!

It’s with all this in mind that top practitioner trainers Alina Frank and Annabel Fisher have created a monthly support program which will guide you to become an expert in your field; enable you to feel confident asking for a fee you deserve, and give you the tools to market yourself authentically.

Alina Frank is a certified trainer with the EFT Universe and a Matrix Reimprinting trainer. Having worked with over 3000 clients from around the world on the phone, in person and Skype, Alina has taught EFT in hospitals, classrooms, and teleclasses. Her workshops are routinely sold out. Alina has been independently rated the #1 EFT coach since 2009 (by reviews on tappinginternational.com) and has trained and mentored hundreds of EFT practitioners around the world and has a 6 figure a year practice.

Annabel Fisher is an EFT Practitioner & Trainer, Licensed NLP Practitioner Licensed Hypnotherapist, and has a thriving, home-based, heart-felt EFT Practice in BC, Canada. In addition to working privately with clients, she has been an authorized Practitioner Trainer with the AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques) since 2005, facilitating teleclasses, group coaching and live workshops.

Jump Start Your EFT Practice is designed specifically for passionate, skillful EFT Practitioners like you who need support and regular mentoring as you transform your business from a hobby into a thriving, wait list practice.

This program is unique: in the past, there have been courses offering advice on how to set up an EFT business.

What’s different about Jump Start Your EFT Practice is that you will learn all the practical information required to market yourself, and build your business, AND you’ll release any limiting beliefs holding you back from promoting yourself, and being paid what you deserve.

You’ll get to the root cause of what’s keeping you stuck and clear all of those blocks – the main reason most businesses fail.

You’ll be fully supported by Alina and Annabel.

As a member, here’s what you’ll receive each month:

  • Two group coaching calls discussing the different aspects of having a successful mind set and skill set, and tapping on blocks to building a successful EFT Practice.
  • A Rotating Tapping Buddy System to hone practitioners’ skills and use for your own blocks
  • Access to our Member’s Only Forum where practitioners can interact with, and receive support from, fellow practitioners and the mentors
  • Helpful forms to use in your practice, articles, and lists of insurance providers.
  • Recordings of all the calls
  • Homework assignments each month
  • Participation in each call will count towards the annual AAMET International mentoring CPD requirement. For EFT Universe students the tapping we do will fulfill the requirement for 15 hours of self-work and will contribute towards the 47 session notes.

If you miss a call for some reason, you will have the recording to listen to.

With the regular connection to the group, and your mentors, you’ll no longer feel isolated or overwhelmed, but encouraged, motivated and excited to expand your business!

I encourage you to check out more details at Jumpstart Your EFT Practice.

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