Amp Up Your Vision Board with EFT

Is your vision board in the closet? That seems to be where most of them end up! Maybe it’s because its creator doesn’t know what to do once they have completed their board. Perhaps it’s just never worked for you, so why keep it out? Or do you simply forget to look at it, so you may as well tuck it away out of site? Is it enough to create your vision board and let the Law of Attraction power take over?

Yes, Law of Attraction is powerful, but what if you’re negating your positive attraction power with negative thoughts – or no thoughts about your vision at all? How can we use EFT to uncover those thoughts and lessen or erase them so they don’t diminish your ability to attract your desires?

What are the tips and tricks to getting your vision board to work for you? Are there ways to make your vision board more powerful? Find out during this show.

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Find out more about EFT Expert and Life Coach Marla Tabaka.

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