TV News Story: Tapping Helps Overcome Trauma

Most of us can think of incidents, both small & large, that have had a negative impact on our lives and that still bother us today?

Sometimes it can be something small like the memory of a classmate teasing you in front of others.

And sometimes it can be something large, like abuse or a violent attack.

Today as part of the Tapping World Summit finale week I want to share with you a video that shows just how effective Tapping is in helping with overcoming significant trauma.

Watch the video here.

The video, which was on the TV news, features a man by the name of Dan Hoglin who is an 11 year Iraq veteran.

Dan had been going through a number of treatments at the VA for his PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), but nothing was working until he came across EFT Tapping.

It’s estimated that at 20% of all of our amazing veterans returning from Iraq have PTSD.

Imagine if they all had a tool like EFT tapping to use. This video shows the effectiveness of Tapping with a serious case of PTSD.

But remember that all of us have had traumas in our lives, large or small, that limit our ability to live and feel the way we want. Tapping works to eliminate these traumas quickly so that you never have to deal with them again.

GOOD NEWS: In support of Dan Hoglin and all of our veterans, if you were considering getting a copy of the Tapping World Summit for yourself…well, if you do it now, the producers of the summit (Tapping Solution) will donate 100% of your purchase price to the Stress Veterans Program, a program using EFT to help veterans with PTSD.

The Stress Veterans Program, using EFT tapping to overcome PTSD, is being done at the Walter Reed Medical Center.

MORE GOOD NEWS: Over the last 2 days the Tapping Solution has raised $50,000 for the Project Light Program (EFT Tapping program for Rwandan genocide survivors) …and today with your help they hope to raise another $25,000 for this program.

So if you haven’t upgraded yet, now is the time!

There are only 3 days left to upgrade before the Summit is over for the year…and if you upgrade now you’ll not only be helping yourself you’ll also be helping many of our amazing veterans.

Whether or not you agree with any of the wars going on right now, I think there is one thing we can all agree on, and that’s that none of our soldiers deserve to come home continuing to live with the horrors of war in their minds.

If you are considering getting a copy of the Tapping World Summit for yourself then make sure you do it before Friday. After this Friday at midnight they won’t be able to take orders any longer.  They need to be able to order an accurate number of packages. They may have some again in the future (they tend to have a few extras each year) but they won’t be available for a few months and when they are available they’ll be at the regular $297 and $197 prices.

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