Video: What is Your Money Shadow?

This is the fourth and final video in Margaret Lynch’s mini-series. The response to these videos has been amazing!

Over thirty-five thousand people have watched the series – normal everyday people like you, suffering from a limiting mind-set blocking their ability to attract and create the wealth they deserve. Twelve-hundred people wrote heartfelt, and often heart wrenching, comments on their experience with these simple and elegant exercises.

The holy grail in personal transformation is “the clearing  of your limiting beliefs” trapped in your body-mind; those  pesky unconscious tapes running, and often ruining, our ability to attract love, happiness, success, wealth, and wellness.

In this 4th video Margaret shows you how to easily, and quite successfully, clear your internal blocks to money, income, success, and wealth.

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Margaret shows you how to clear and reset your “Wealth Set Point,” the amount of money and wealth your body-mind can tolerate.

As little kids we were sponges soaking in everything our families felt, thought and believed about money – every limiting thought pattern, negative emotion, troubling memory, and sabotaging belief – pooled in our unconscious mind to create our “family paradigm” of money.

Margaret’s work delves deep into your “Money Shadow.” It’s the darkest side of your limiting beliefs about money.

All that dark family baggage collides with our own personal experience with money to create our personal “Wealth Set Point.”

Your Wealth Set Point explains why so many people, especially heart centered entrepreneurs, who work with great passion but rarely see great results of their hard works.

Watch this excellent video and Tap away your limiting beliefs and blocks to the wealth you deserve. If you you are working too hard, and not getting the results you want and deserve in life, then check out Margaret’s video and simple Tapping exercise here:

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