Video: This is How You Eliminate Food Cravings

Maybe you would be successful losing weight if you just didn’t have fattening foods calling your name?

Well, you might want to try the exercise demonstrated in this video. It can be used on ANY type of craving…whether it’s food, cigarettes, wine…whatever!

In this video you’ll hear how Taryn Voget cured her chocolate addiction and eliminated all her food cravings using this simple 20 minute tapping exercise.

I’ve used this method on myself many years ago, and I have to tell you that it feels fabulous to be free of cravings!

Watch the video and follow the simple technique demonstrated here:

video: eliminate food cravings

In this video EFT/Tapping Expert, Brittany Watkins, leads you through a simple process that eliminates food cravings and…

  • Actually shifts your hormones and gene expression to support a healthy weight
  • Enjoy your favorite foods without them controlling you
  • Clear your unconscious anxiety and fear around food
  • Stop feeding your hungry heart with foods that ultimately don’t satisfy you

Turn “emotional binges” into permanent weight loss results, with this extraordinarily easy, yet profoundly powerful Tapping exercise.

Watch and tap along to the video to get rid of your cravings.

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