Video: Overcome Fear of Public Speaking with EFT

In this video EFT Master Carol Look outlines how to use EFT tapping to eliminate the fear of speaking in public.
If you were asked to stand up in front of a group right now and speak in front of them, would you feel nervous and anxious?

Whether it’s two people or 200 people, most of us experience some stress, or “stage fright”, when we know that others are watching us speak.

That’s why public speaking is the #1 fear of all people, even above the fear of death.

Watch the video to see how you can use EFT tapping to reduce your fear of speaking in public.

watch fear of public speaking eft tapping video - click here

There’s a joke from the popular sitcom Seinfeld that says that “people are more afraid of giving the eulogy at a funeral then they are of being in the casket!”

If you want to understand why this fear is so strong in our society and what you can do to never be afraid to speak in public again, then watch the video above.

This video is a preview of the Tapping Experience live event that took place recently. The event featured a lot of interactive live tapping and instructions in how to use EFT in your life to clear issues that are holding you back.

If you really want to experience the change that EFT tapping can bring to you, then I highly recommend learning from the entire video recordings. To learn more about how you can get all of the training, on DVD or streaming through the web, check out The Tapping Experience here.

The additional good news is that this DVD set is being sold at a discounted rate for the next few days, as part of its release.

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