EFT Video 3 in the 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation

Margaret Lynch just released video #3  in her free four-part EFT tapping mini-series. In this unique series, Margaret leads you in clearing the negative “vows” that are keeping you from being financially successful.

Are you being held back from living the life you want to live, because you feel that you’re not PERFECT yet?

Margaret says that it’s likely you’ve taken a negative “vow to be perfect” or a vow to criticize (or judge) yourself as “never quite good enough.”

If you feel you are always striving, but never arriving; then this Heart Chakra case study video and tapping exercise is for you.

Watch this case study and tap along as she shows you how to clear the limiting vow at your heart chakra.

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In this case study we hear from Bethaney. She is a Certified Success Coach with a Masters Degree in Leadership, a Life Coach, a Sign Language Interpreter, and Tapping Expert herself. Bethaney’s passion, her real mission in life is to help people “get out of their heads and into their passions.” To burst out of their mundane lives and achieve their dreams.”

Yet with all her credentials Bethaney was stuck in her practice; she was “trying, trying and striving” but never reaping the rewards for all her work. For all her effort, Bethaney never felt she arrived: she never had the success or the validation; she was never able to cash-in on all her hard work.

Bethaney also tells how she was paralyzed with indecision; petrified of taking a risk, ultimately afraid to put her “real self out there.” Bethaney had taken the negative “vow to be perfect,” the limiting vow at her Heart Chakra.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Once she tapped to clear this block at her heart, a “blast of energy” filled her body and life. Bethaney’s doubled her income with her now thriving coaching practice. Bethaney is creating teleclasses and transformational products based on her vast experience that are selling AND attracting new clients to her. Bethaney is now able to let her “light shine”.

Watch the video and give it a try:    http://budurl.com/7lwm3

Click here to watch the video

Margaret Lynch is regarded as a top Tapping (EFT) expert. Her specialty is getting to the core of what blocks our success – the limiting beliefs and old programming that hold us back in our careers, businesses and finances.

Margaret cutting edge work includes clearing the negative and limiting “vows” we take; the unconscious decisions we make about money that are stored in our chakras. She shows you how to heal and neutralize these vows so you can claim money, wealth, and prosperity for yourself.



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