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Treatment Protocol for Autoimmune / Chronic Symptoms – Part One

Whenever a new client presents to my practice he or she has already seen multiple other practitioners to no avail.

After taking an extensive history I start with the most burning issues which may be physical symptoms or may be the emotions related to them. Each case is different, but for this call and subsequent future calls, I will outline and share my basic treatment protocol so that even at a distance you may benefit.

Bring a pen and paper along with your water to the call so you may jot down ideas, emotions, actions to take after the call.

And, during the call I refer to several web pages where you may find some helpful related tools:

http://arielagroup.com/relief is where you may register for my Autoimmune Coaching & Energy Therapy Support series of live calls.
http://is.gd/AnnesBooks is where you may find my book Autoimmune Cases-Naturally!… Treating Autoimmune with Energy Psychology and Naturopathy.
http://arielagroup.com/free-eft-stuff will provide a video of me showing tapping points as well as sharing the emotions related to each point, and will also offer you my Values Assessment instrument which will be used on this month’s live Autoimmune Coaching call.

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anne_merkel_90xAnne Merkel, Ph.D., ND, practices as an Energy Psychologist, Doctor of Naturopathy, and Certified Natural Health Professional. She specializes in addressing the root causes of Autoimmune Disorders and training other practitioners to approach illness via the emotional components first. With great success in helping to relieve underlying emotional causes of many chronic conditions, Dr. Anne is passionate about sharing her 30+ years of post-doctorate research and hands-on experience with others through personal coaching and several on-going programs including the Autoimmune Coaching & Energy Therapy Support Series and the Energy Therapy Practitioner Certification Program. Join others suffering from the discomforts of Autoimmune for a free live call series by registering here:  http://arielagroup.com/relief , and you will automatically receive ten free hours of recorded calls for autoimmune relief and a discounted one-on-one coaching opportunity.

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