Trauma Aid: Quick Relief From an Emotional Hijacking

It happens suddenly…someone says something, or gives you that look, or you get an email that has a “tone” to it and you get emotionally hijacked.

It’s that flooding of emotions that can make you want to run away and hide, or it can cause you to feel defensive and act out in ways you often times regret.

Emotional hijackings happen, that’s part of life – What we want to do is get relief fast!

Join me, Dr. Mary Ayers, to learn three simple steps to get fast relief when hijacked.

Welcome to “Tap Into Action” – the Chickenshit’s guide to success – an Unconventional path to conquer fear and anxiety. Join your host – Dr. Mary Ayers – as she leads you in tapping to reclaim your life and free you from the fears and anxieties that paralyze you. Mary brings with her over 27 years as a Licensed Therapist, Success Coach, author and top EFT expert. She combines cutting edge psychology with tapping – the result is a gentle, yet powerfully effective method that will transform you from “chickenshit” to “massive action taker.”

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HOST: Mary Ayers, PhD, LMFT brings with her over 26 years as a accomplished Licensed Therapist, Success Coach, author and top EFT/Tapping. expert.Her professional achievements include being a coach for 5 years with the Anthony Robbins Organization. She’s a featured presenter on The Tappers Insiders Club, and The Tapping World Summit, as well as on several globally heard teleconferences. She is the co-producer & co-host of the Unstoppable You in Business Intensive. All of her coaching programs are filled with ‘unconventional’, ‘fail-proof’ practical strategies you can use immediately to get results. For more information go to and you can email at [email protected]

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