Alpha-RePatterning: Working With the Deep Stuff

TapFest is so pleased to welcome Russell Cunningham to the show for an in-depth conversation about Alpha RePatterning, a practical and powerful model of energy therapy that marries exceptionally well with EFT.  Learn how this remarkably effective technique can benefit you or your own practice, straight from its creator.

DownUnder’s Cunningham normally teaches this class in a four-day format, a very comprehensive course.  But lucky you, TapFest, you’re getting an evening with a masterful practitioner who’ll spend an hour with us discussing Alpha RePatterning in detail.

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Russell is a remarkable Trainer & Practitioner of EFT, NLP Master, TImeLine Therapist and Alpha RePatterning, among other things. His background in training and personal development span more than two decades. A member of the AAMET training team, President of EFTAP, and Director for the Australian Institute for Self-Development,  he uses this knowledge and experience to deliver outstanding results.  His modelling of Awareness, Presence and Intuition is exceptional.  Don’t miss this opportunity to meet and ask questions of this gifted teacher, trainer and innovator.

HOST: Jondi Whitis, an EFT Trainer and Practitioner in Brooklyn, NY, is one of the co-founders of, the global tapping site, and TappingStar, the site for tapping with kids.  A multi-media artist, she also teaches literacy through Art in New York City public schools, daily seeing first-hand the need and the result of how tapping helps children take charge of their feelings and choices, and perform better, too! Jondi welcomes private and group sessions, training in EFT for certification, and specialty classes for integrating EFT into any situation or specialty.


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