Thousands of Men, Women, and Children get Relief from the Trauma Experienced in Earthquakes

How do you effectively bring relief to thousands of people suffering from trauma, shock, and intense emotion who have just experienced the devastating effects from an earthquake disaster?

You call Trest Aid .

More specifically you get in contact with Deepak Mostert, founder of Trest, the first of its kind, a unique international humanitarian aid organization founded in August 2007 developed in response to the need for disaster management in Indonesia, and area prone to earthquakes and tsunamis.

Deepak Mostert, founder of Trest Aid, the first humanitarian aid organization in the world to use and structurally integrate Energy Psychology, specifically EFT in disaster relief management. Deepak’s trauma relief program consisted of training over a thousand children, teachers, adults and volunteers using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), aimed at decreasing the levels of trauma and shock in the area proving to be incredibly effective, efficient, and well accepted within the Indonesian cultures and Islam religion. Deepak was the first person in the world to set up a structural program in a disaster area using EFT.

Find out how it is possible to organize and train large groups of people to administer trauma relief where the infrastructure is shattered, roads are impassable, and communication has stopped working.

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Host:  Find out more about Lillian Fimbres, EFT and Qigong practitioner, and The Genuine Life. Lillian resides in the New York metro area. Specialties; include, guiding clients to connect and return to self, pain and negativity removal to achieve a more authentic genuine self.

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