Mary Henderson

The Secret …Behind How to Be Successful

Join us on TapFest for a conversation with bestselling author and speaker Mary Henderson, famous for her “The Secret Power of…” series of books.

We will be speaking at length with the author of these powerful books, and speak directly and boldly to our physical, mental and emotional health – from bodies to relationships to wealth creation.

But where to start? What if it all begins with becoming and owning your authentic…human-ness?

What if we told you that everyone has to start here – exactly where you are – and that this foundation is key? What if your every success depended upon that?

Learn how that might look – feel – and what the results of deciding to become this authentically human being hold for each of us. And how doing so will super-charge every decision and result from that day forward. Tips, tricks, tools, secrets and more from an expert that’s walked the walk. What works? What doesn’t? Why not? She’ll share it all with you, on TapFest.

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HOST: Jondi Whitis, an EFT Trainer and Practitioner in Brooklyn, NY, is an EFT Trainer for Mastery, in NYC, USA, in private practice for groups and individuals, and is the lead trainer for the sustainable community trauma relief project in Newtown, CT. She specializes in creating a different breed of practitioner of masterful skills and whole-hearted integration. Contact: [email protected] for information, sessions, groups and training classes.

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