The Real Reasons and Costs Behind Multi-tasking

Do you pride yourself in being a skilled multi-tasker?

Isn’t it amazing to juggle ten things at a time and feel as though you are conquering the world!

But have you ever taken an objective look at how much you don’t get done?

Or, the real reason behind your need to stay on the edge of your seat, catching every ball that comes your way?

Join your host, EFT expert Marla Tabaka, as she shares her years of observations and experiences with clients who have transformed themselves from award-winning multi-taskers to higher profits and lowered stress levels. You may be surprised at what your multi-tasking tendencies are costing you and your business!

Marla will help you to examine the reasons you multi-task, the costs associated with chronic multi-tasking, and help you to tap your way through the solutions!

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HOST: Marla Tabaka is a speaker, author and business strategist with over 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. As an author for Inc. Magazine Marla works with highly recognized thought leaders, such as Jack Canfield, Sonia Choquette, Brendon Burchard, Chris Brogan, Randy Gage, and many more.

Marla draws from her skills and expertise as an award-winning television producer, e-myth Mastery Coach, NLP Practitioner and EFT Practitioner to guide entrepreneurs past their fears and into the life of their dreams. In fact, many of Marla’s clients have taken their businesses well past the million dollar mark and her programs and products are contributing to more success stories each and every day.
To learn more about private or group coaching and EFT sessions with Marla visit her websites, and Contact Marla Tabaka at [email protected] or call her office at 630-544-6445.
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