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The Real-Life Fairy Tale of a Lesbian Nun Part 3

In this 3-part series, host Helen McConnell interviews and taps with author and former Catholic nun, Orice Klaas. As a young girl, Orice dreamed of becoming a nun. At age 15, her dream came true and she joined the convent. But things weren’t quite the fairy tale she’d imagined as she moved into her new life.

Orice is the author of “Once Upon a Convent – A Memoir of a Lesbian Nun,” the true story of her own life. During her 19 years as a nun, she began to discover her true nature. Amongst other things, she fell in love with a woman and “came out” as a lesbian. She later left the convent and the church. During this intimate conversation, Orice & I talk about her book and tap about the emotions of her life events.

I’m Helen McConnell, host of “What’s Bugging You? Let’s Fix it With Tapping.” I’m delighted to have Orice Klaas as my guest for this 3-part series that focuses on love and forgiveness and authenticity. Listen as we organically move from conversation to Tapping, and back to conversation, as we almost seamlessly traverse the events of her unique life.

Helen McConnell is a Personal Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner, specializing in helping you unleash the greatest version of yourself! She has helped over a thousand people learn to use tapping to relieve stress, eliminate pain, overcome trauma, improve relationships, let go of limiting beliefs, and so much more!

To learn more and to receive your free gift, “Make More Money This Month, Using Tapping and the Law of Attraction” visit PurposeProsperityHappiness.com, and you can schedule your complimentary 20-minute Transformation Conversation with Helen by clicking Schedule an Appointment, or call 503.880.0111.

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