Get Paid for Doing What You Love

Would you like to get paid to do what you love doing?Just about everyone you ask that question to says “yes”, but the question they ask right after is, “How?

This is your chance to get some clear guidance on how to get off the treadmill and make the transition to getting paid to do work that fulfills you.

If you’re ready to make the transition to work that you love, and you’re ready to fall back in love with your life, then this is your time.

Would you like to know what it takes to transition from where you are, to getting paid to do what you love?

Then you’ll want to attend one of the Top Transformational Events of the Year.

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If you’re ready to raise your “Financial Thermostat” doing what YOU love, then read on…At the Passionate Life Summit you’ll discover

  • How you can use your skills, talents and passions in a way that provides massive value to others and income for yourself
  • How to position yourself as the trusted authority so you are in high demand
  • Your 5 most important passions so that you have an absolutely clear starting point
  • How to identify and change your limiting beliefs around money and success that have been holding you back until now
  • Your tribe — positive, passionate people who love to have fun!


Who Should Attend the Passionate Life Summit?

The short answer? Anyone who wants to step into a bigger game, make a big difference, following their passions earning more money doing what they were born to do.

Janet and Chris and their hand-picked guest speakers have collectively helped millions of people make the transition in their life, career or business. With their guidance, people who once felt like they “missed the boat” in life have become successful.

You’ll want to attend if you any of these apply to you:

  • you’ve been searching for ways to increase your income and monetize your passions creating mutliple streams of income but haven’t known how
  • you’re working in a job that’s not floating your boat
  • you’re self-employed, working your *ss off and riding the hamster wheel
  • you want to transcend your J.O.B. (just over broke) for your dream career
  • you’re ready to start or grow your own successful business
  • you’ve been looking in the mirror and saying, “It’s my time!” but haven’t known the next step  (HINT – sign up for this event now!)

This is your chance to have World Class Experts Teach You Their Proven Secrets to Monetize YOUR Passions

The Guarantee:

“You’ll leave the Summit with an action plan for turning your passions into a viable business or career that will take your life and income to a new level!”

Here’s What Else You’ll Learn:

  • Your core passions — you’ll understand your personal driving force that makes you love the things that you love
  • The key mindset changes that are necessary to add an extra zero to your annual income
  • The #1 ingredient you MUST have in order to change ANY situation in your life
  • How to avoid the costly mistakes most entrepreneurs make when starting an growing a business
  • 3 strategies that motivate people to buy from you TODAY…even when they promised themselves they wouldn’t. No more “thinking about it!”
  • How to unabashedly promote your services, without being apologetic or timid about what you have to offer
  • And more!


The Passionate Life Summit

There are Two Ways to be Part of this Event:

1. Via Webcast – from the comfort of your own home!

If you are unable to attend in person, join our WORLDWIDE LIVE WEBCAST for the entire weekend from the comfort of home. You’ll be able to watch all the action on the main stage, interact with others via live chat and watch instant replays if you happen to miss something or live in a different time zone.

2. In Person

Attending this life-changing experience will be an even richer experience if you come with a friend or family member. Both you and your guests will receive your own access to the online Passionate Life Secrets home study program included in the registration fee so you can begin the journey immediately!

  • Connect, partner with and get to know like-minded people
  • Meet the speakers personally
  • Get lit up by the love, the energy and the power that only happens when you’re there in person
  • Participate in all aspects of the event (inlcuding some that aren’t on the webcast)
  • Join a Mastermind group for ongoing support when you get back home
  • Enjoy a mini-vacation at the beautiful Kona Kai Resort



















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