The Enneagram Global Summit 2015

This unique summit features conversations with top teachers who are bringing together Enneagram wisdom and experience from around the globe.

Learn how to apply the world’s most influential psychological and spiritual typing system to your life, as well as exciting new applications in realms from education to psychotherapy to business.

Get emerging insights on the 9 Enneagram types and pathways for your growth and development.

A powerful tool for personal and collective transformation, the 9-pointed Enneagram symbol represents nine distinct strategies for relating to the self, others and the world. Each of these Enneagram types has a different pattern of thinking, feeling and acting that arises from a deeper inner motivation or worldview.

You can reserve your seat now – It’s FREE!

This second annual Enneagram summit will build on the foundation of the successful 2014 inaugural event – with esteemed faculty offering their latest perspectives, methods and musings about the transformational journeys of each type and all 9 pathways in each of us.

Enneagram World Summit 2015

Discover a New Way to Relate to Yourself, Others & the World

While you may have heard something about the Enneagram, it is so much more than a simple personality test or system. Based in ancient wisdom traditions, the Enneagram is a map of nine personality types or styles. These types or styles are not who we are, but show us the patterns that tend to dominate our experience.


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