The Bliss Experiment!

Bliss!  What is it and why do we want but often fail to attain it?

According to my guest, Sean Meshorer, author of The Bliss Experiment: 28 Days to Personal Transformation:

 “We have a higher standard of living and more ways to instantaneously fulfill every desire than ever before. So why are we unhappy? Because happiness isn’t what we really want. Happiness alone is fleeting and not deeply transformative. Bliss is complete and constant, a spiritual state where happiness, profound meaning, and enduring truth converge. It makes people more successful, better able to see and seize opportunities, and build or improve relationships.”

Join Cathryn and Sean to hear all about this amazing experiment which was based on a successful seminar taught by Sean, is backed by over 300 scientific studies, and consists of exercises that have worked, time and again, for people from all walks of life. Then stay tuned for a 15-minute EFT protocol that will help you get ready to take the 28 journey of your life!

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HOST: EFT Practitioner and Inner Child Expert, Cathryn Taylor is known as the “Mother of the Inner Child.” Author of the bestselling Inner Child Workbook, Cathryn was one of five authors who popularized this concept in the late 80’s and early 90’s. She has dedicated her professional career to assisting others in arresting their addictive behaviors, healing their childhood wounds and connecting with their authentic self. To schedule a private session, contact Cathryn Taylor, Licensed Addictions and Marriage and Famiy Therapist and Certified EFT Practitioner, at [email protected] or call 612-710-7720

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