The Big O with EFT – Sexpert Alina Frank

For over 70 years the controversy that Freud started about “immature” O’s versus “mature” O’s continues.

What’s a girl to do? Is there really a G Spot, F Spot and an OMG Spot?

Were they there before they were named? Where exactly are they and how are they different?

What are characteristics of each type of O? Are you feeling inadequate about not being able to reach climax in certain ways? Does this entire conversation make you blush? Or feel shame?

Is there an emotional connect between one’s ability to reach these higher states of bliss and personal history? Sit back, relax and discover the magical spots in and on your body with EFT sex expert Alina Frank.

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Alina_Frank_90xAlina Frank has consistently been rated as one of the top EFT coaches specializing in the area of relationship and intimacy. She is a master life coach, and her EFT/Matrix Reimprinting trainings offer CEUs to many professions. For a full listing of offerings and upcoming events please visit

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