The BeliefCloset Process on Love Tap

Beliefs operate in the background, from the subconscious, and create all of our experiences, good or bad especially when it comes to relationships. They function as a colored lens in front of our eyes, filtering the world, and also like tiny reality-creating machines, drawing experiences to us.

You can learn to change your beliefs, and therefore your experience of reality. The BeliefCloset Process is an easy, fun, creative and effective way to change your beliefs at the CORE, below the conscious mind, in the subconscious, where they live.

Join Alina on Love Tap as she interviews the BeliefCloset Process creator Lion Goodman. Lion shares an amazing story about a near death experience he had as a young man. Lion will also be working his magic with a volunteer in the second half of the show.

To learn more about Lion’s work and to receive a free e-book about his process please visit

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