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The Art of Positive Business:

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Are you tired of hearing the same-old boring career, self-development, and business advice?

Sharing her insights and systems that have worked as a consulting psychologist with thousands of clients – Sallyanne’s podcasts are all about helping YOU to change how you think and feel … so that you can get the GREAT job … and HAPPIER business life… that you deserve.

Bringing JOY back into your working life is what the Art of Positive Business is all about… and there IS an art to it!


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The $250,000 Man

When working with ‘John’ a successful but “stressed to the max” entrepreneur – Sallyanne came to the realization that any person working from a state of ‘flow’ is at a tremendous advantage in their job seeking, career and business life.

Using Sallyanne’s state-of-the-art psychology techniques, John changed – it was an inside-out job. His mind, heart, and soul were working more effectively.

John saved over $250,000 due to just one ‘happier’ business decision.

At that point, the penny dropped for Sallyanne – ka-ching! – it makes good business and $$’s sense to put your happiness first. She found out that this is even backed up by a ton of research.

Thus began Sallyanne’s mission to bring her years of experience in career development and consulting as a psychologist into the business world. Her approach blends positive psychology, tapping, energy psychology and mindfulness and she loves to share the latest, most powerful self-development tools.

Flipping your working life into a more positive mode is Sallyanne’s greatest enthusiasm.

Sallyanne Stone on EFT Radio

Who Is Sallyanne?

Sallyanne’s passion for helping people builds on her professional training and thousands of hours working in career coaching and consulting privately as a psychologist. She has a masters degree in career development and ran a successful careers consulting business prior to becoming registered in psychology.

A client of Sallyanne’s suggested that she ’bottle up’ her knowledge and share her skills further afield, hence Sallyanne has repackaged her expertise, her voice and message into the exciting world of podcast-land!

If you want to Flip Your Working Life from ‘stuck’ into positive mode – FAST – go to

The Art of Positive Business Checklist and FREE Happier Business 3 Part Video Program will get you started now!


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