The Annual Canadian EFT Gathering

For all EFT Enthusiasts (Practitioners and non-Practitioners) who want to advance tapping skills, gain clarity around how to use EFT on a diverse range of issues, network, and feel supported in a growing EFT community. You will learn from experienced and professional EFT Practitioners and Trainers at this weekend event through presentations and demonstrations.

Come to Vancouver for the Annual Canadian EFT Gathering
29th & 30th of October

Get the SPECIAL Gift For those who register a this link here before midnight Friday 30thSeptember – see yellow box below for details.


A weekend of dynamic presentations and inspiring demonstrations by EFT Practitioners and Trainers EFT Enthusiasts:

  • Are you wanting to improve your EFT skills and deepen your understanding of how to use EFT in your everyday life?
  • Wouldn’t you love to meet other passionate, dedicated Tappers and share your EFT challenges and successes and learn from theirs?

EFT Practitioners:

  • Do you need to become clearer on what area of EFT you’d like to specialize in?
  • Have you ever felt isolated in your EFT Practice, and struggled to find support?
  • Are you eager to talk to other EFT Practitioners about the work you do and build a supportive EFT community?

SPECIAL Gift For those who register a this link here before midnight Friday 30thSeptember – You will receive Annabel Fisher and Alina Frank’s 6 CD set ‘Jump Start Your EFT Practice’ for free (priced at $149)! This content-rich set of CDs includes interviews with business experts; tapping sessions with volunteers on the fears and blocks underlying putting yourself out there as an EFT Practitioner, and all the information you’ll need to become a successful EFT coach. When you pay online, there is a question, ‘How did you hear about us?’. Please answer ‘EFT Radio’ That way, Annabel will be able to mail you your CD set. Thank you!


Last year, the first Canadian EFT Gathering was held in Greater Vancouver. It was an opportunity for enthusiastic and committed Tappers to gather, further increase their EFT knowledge and skills, network,, and at last, feel connected as part of a community.

And because it was such a great success, this year the event will be two days, with even more speakers, even more demonstrations and live sessions, and even more networking and sharing time!

The second Annual Canadian EFT Gathering will offer you the opportunity to:

  • Connect with like-minded fellow tappers (Practitioners and non-Practitioners)
  • Extend your knowledge in dealing with a diverse range of issues
  • Really advance your tapping skills, whether with clients or for yourself
  • Further develop your Art of Delivery techniques
  • Network your specialty and increase referrals from other practitioners
  • Share successes and what works for you, and learn from others

Find Out More About the Annual Canadian EFT Gathering

29th & 30th of October 2011
Register here:


Join a much needed EFT Community! You are invited to connect with like-minded peers, and learn from EFT experts in their field. The presentations will be information-rich and interactive, enabling you to return home and start using your new knowledge immediately!

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