Teleclass: Find Out Your Unique Life Purpose Profile

Margaret Lynch is hosting a very important telecall featuring a very cool topic!

The Life Purpose Profiles focus on your unique positive core soul qualities. Every person on the planet belongs in one of these groups and knowing your profile is integral to ever understanding your life purpose in any moment of your life. It’s very enlightening to find out which profile you are!

The Life Purpose Profiles have five easy-to-remember names for them.

They are:

• The Creative Idealist – the creative thinkers

• The Emotional Intelligence Specialist – the most empathic and gentlest people

• The Team Player – the caretakers who support others

• The Knowledgeable Achiever – the organizers and achievers who master and successfully complete tasks

• The Charismatic Leader – the leaders who show others how to live more fully or fight for causes

Once you know your profile, you will have found a powerful and direct way to awaken to your life purpose and to your spiritual soul qualities. To master your profile is to do what all self-help and spiritual teachers point toward but cannot touch, it is to truly “know thy self!”

The Five Keys To Unlock Your REAL Life Purpose and The Secret Of Your Truest Nature

On this free telecall, Margaret will show you:

• How to blast through the negative beliefs in each of your chakra centers, the blocks that limit your life purpose.

• How your specific Profile holds the key to your unique “superpower.”

• The specific way you manifest from your most powerful chakra.

• How to feel and create your dreams in each moment.

Until now, these positive core soul qualities have been taught exclusively by Rhys Thomas in his three-year Institute of Energy Medicine. Don’t miss this fascinating and empowering free teleclass!

Register for free here:

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