Bringing EFT into Schools

Join us for another great TappingStar edition when Anne Unsworth reveals her newest book.

She’s author of the popular book, EFT for Children, and we’ve waited a long time to match schedules so you can talk with this wonderful teacher/practitioner.  Be one of the first to hear about her latest book, complete with strategies and reasoning gathered over her years in Education.  It’s written expressly for practitioners seeking to introduce the remarkable power of EFT for kids into schools and educational settings.

Bringing EFT into Schools is a comprehensive work by a consummate teaching professional – you won’t want to miss her 30+ years of experience and insights, nor her dedication to the cause of helping children across the world learn – and feel – better!

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TappingStar hosts, Jondi Whitis and Sue Hubbard Tarlton, are certified EFT practitioners ready to help and advise you on getting tapping into schools, camps, groups, families and organizations. to speak on how she’s been able to make a difference in her local schools and how you can offer workshops and training that will make a difference in your school.

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