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Tapping With Children

TappingStarTappingStar logo presents tapping and meridian energy work for children. It’s a center of information and inspiration in working with children and their special needs and issues. Whether in a school setting, your private practice or just for the children in your life, you’ll find something timely and helpful here. Learn about how tapping is spreading around the world for educational use, performance enhancement, specialty issues or parenting. TappingStar brings you the most innovative practitioners, doctors and cutting-edge practitioners in children’s energy work.Enjoy advancements in understanding and application of energy work for children in a mainstream, conversational atmosphere. Live call-ins, questions and tapping are offered whenever possible. 


EFT for schoolsJondi Whitis is a certified EFT Practitioner and Trainer based in New York City. She offers training in EFT for Mastery and certification classes, mentoring, group presentations and individual sessions. As both a parent and former PTA leader, she happily offers EFT presentations to schools ad all kinds of groups that serve children.As Teaching Artist in the vast public school system of New York, she’s seen first-hand how tapping can change a child’s perceptions, behaviors, choices and test anxiety. Using humor, gentle compassion, intuition and kindness, she loves passing on the gift of self-healing, and envisions a whole new generation of children as empowered world citizens.Jondi is available to speak to your school or group of 10 or more by contacting her here: [email protected]


EFT tapping for schoolsSue Hubbard Tarlton is an EFT Practitioner, NLP (neurolinguistic programming) master practitioner, author and life/business coach. She is a former teacher and corporate management consultant. While at IBM and Ernst & Young, she developed programs and processes in marketing, literacy and education. She is pleased for the opportunity to create structure and processes to spread the concept of tapping throughout the world. Her New York-based television show, Celebrate U., provides insights into human behavior and explores techniques for removing limiting attitudes and beliefs. She is keenly interested in teaching tapping to children and adults because she believes it is a necessary life skill. For more information or to contact Sue Hubbard Tarlton, please write to her at: [email protected]

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