EFT Tapping for Parents and Teachers

Are you dealing with creative, high-achieving children?

Shakti is an expert and brings her lifetime of experience to the show.  Her daughter literally ran away from home to join a circus and became a highly successful performer.  She has great insights for teachers and parents who have similar and related situations!  We’ll discuss energy work and life with Shakti!  Join us as we talk to this remarkable woman who radiates positive and uplifting energy.  Catch her contagious excitement for life and learning!

Shakti Martin is an EFT practitioner from Hawaii who introduces EFT to teachers and parents.  Join TappingStar’s Sue Tarlton and Jondi Whitis, as Shakti discusses the joys, successes and challenges of her work.  Shakti blends complementary techniques and recommends Brain Gym exercises as ice-breakers for teaching EFT.  Listen in and learn about resources that can make your job easier so you can get in the flow with your own learning and instructing!

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Shakti conducts “playshops” that encourage parents and teachers to transform their own feelings of fear and doubt into confidence and worthiness.  As they then radiate those strengthened feelings, they are better able to uplift those around them.

TappingStar hosts, Jondi Whitis and Sue Hubbard Tarlton, are certified EFT practitioners ready to help and advise you on getting tapping into schools, camps, groups, families and organizations. Give them a call!

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