EFT Tapping World Summit 2012 – Schedule of Speakers & Topics

Registration for the 2012 Tapping World Summit is officially open!

In case you haven’t heard…
The 2012 Tapping World Summit is the largest and most exciting online EFT event of the year…and it’s FREE! 


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Over 300,000 people from around the world attended last year.
Over 10 days you’ll hear from 20 experts presenting the latest in EFT.



 DAY 1
Emotional Gridlock: How to Get Out Of Your Own Way to Get What You Want

Stacey Vornbrock
Breaking Through The Fear of Failure and The Fear of SuccessIn this amazing session, you’ll learn:

  • How to understand the four key aspects of the fear of failure
  • Tapping protocols for: past mistakes and failures
  • Tapping protocols for fear of being judged by others

Carol Look
Overcoming Overwhelm for a Life of SuccessIn this incredible interview you will learn:

  • How to break the pattern of being busy and feeling overwhelmed
  • How to find the hidden patterns as to why you keep creating these states of overwhelm
  • The surprising connection between overwhelm and the lack of money and financial challenges
  • Tapping protocols to instantly overcome overwhelm
Pain Relief with Tapping:
Why It Works Over and Over Again and How You Can Use it Today to Get Relief

Nick Ortner
A Faster Solution: Understanding and Healing Pain and IllnessIn this vital session you will learn:

  • Learn the different ways to approach pain and illness for thorough relief
  • How to use tapping to clear the trauma of the medical diagnosis and the beliefs around your condition
  • Power questions to find out the possible cause of your pain or illness
  • How to use tapping for specific dis-ease

Gwenn Bonnell
Physical Pain and the Emotion of Resentment: A Surprising ConnectionIn this startling interview you will learn:

  • The surprising side effects of holding on to resentment
  • How resentment slows down the recovery process and can be tied to self-sabotage and emotional overeating
  • How to tap to clear resentment on the call
  • A powerful process to clear the deepest of resentments
You Deserve More: How to Create Your Financial Success

Margaret Lynch
Speeding Up the Transition From Debt to WealthIn this content-rich interview, you will discover:

  • About your “money traumas” and how they can be dramatically affecting your financial situation
  • How to uncover the correlation between money and emotions
  • Specific tapping protocols for money traumas

Pamela Bruner
Overcome Resistance and Fear Around Sales and Growing Your BusinessIn this invaluable session you will discover:

  • Why the right beliefs trump the right strategies every time
  • How to understand and overcome the ten most common business fears
  • Tapping protocols to break through business fears and take your success to the next level
Register for FREE here: http://budurl.com/TappingSummit
The Formative Years: Overcoming Negative Childhood Programming with Tapping

Brad Yates
How Your Identity Rules Your LifeIn this fascinating session, you’ll learn:

  • How we limit ourselves by our identify
  • How our identity affects every aspect of our lives
  • Tapping protocols for positive and effortless changes
  • Tapping protocols to change your financial identity for prosperity

Terri Cole
Healing Pain From Your ChildhoodIn this amazing session, you’ll learn:

  • How your childhood experiences are affecting your current reality
  • Power questions to ask yourself to determine the root cause of your major life issues
  • Tapping protocols for overcoming negative childhood programming and traumas
Weight Loss: Why Tapping Works When Nothing Else Does

Carol Tuttle
Body Image and Weight Loss: Something That Finally WorksIn this incredible interview you will learn:

  • The consequences of self-judgements and where it all starts
  • The connection between self-esteem and weight
  • How two common beliefs might be fighting each other and keeping you stuck
  • Tapping for body image

Steve Wells
Food Cravings: How To Take ControlIn this vital session you will learn:

  • About the most recent study that showed EFT’s incredible results with food cravings
  • How to use tapping to clear resistance to  healthy foods that you’re resistant to
  • Tapping protocols to overcome cravings and self acceptance around cravings
Procrastination and Perfectionism:
The Two Most Common Blocks To Moving Forward

Kate Beeders
The Secret To Overcoming Procrastination (It’s Easier Than You Think!)In this startling interview you will learn:

  • The real cost of procrastination in your life
  • How to overcome procrastination not just for the little things but for the big dreams that you have
  • What to do when you feel like change feels too difficult
  • Tapping protocols for overcoming procrastination

Mary Ayers
Why Perfectionism Might Be Ruining Your LifeIn this amazing session, you’ll learn:

  • Understanding the difference between striving for excellence and perfectionism
  • The downsides of perfectionism and what it may be costing you in your life
  • How overcoming patterns of perfectionism can actually increase your results, success and joy in life
  • Why the most common advice giving to perfectionist is completely wrong!

Register for FREE here: http://budurl.com/TappingSummit

How to Create the Relationship of Your Dreams with Tapping

Rick Wilkes
Finding Peace with Bad Breakups and Letting Go of Old RelationshipsIn this content-rich interview, you will discover:

  • How different personality types have different experiences with breakups
  • What to do when the relationship is over and you’re still putting energy into it
  • Tapping for when you think you’ve lost “the one”
  • Tapping for loneliness after a relationship

Lindsay Kenny
Manifesting Your Soul Mate (Now!)In this invaluable session you will discover:

  • The 5 fatal flaws that prevent people from finding the love they want
  • Why you keep attracting the same kind of person… again and again and how to change that patterns
  • Tapping to release past heartache, disappointment and anger
Supercharging Your Tapping

Donna Eden
Energy Medicine And Tapping: A Perfect MarriageIn this fascinating session, you’ll learn:

  • Donna’s perspective on why tapping works so well
  • What to do when the tapping isn’t working as quickly as you want it to
  • The most ancient energy exercise known to man

Pat Carrington
Opening Up Your Options – The Choices MethodIn this vital session you will learn:

  • How to use advanced resource states to overcome problems
  • The fascinating history of the choices method and why it’s so powerful
  • How to supercharge your choices statements and affirmations
Try It On Everything: The Widespread Use of EFT

Tom Hanson
EFT and Sports: The Mainstream Breakthroughs That You Can Use Today to Improve PerformanceIn this startling interview you will learn:

  • His initial breakthrough that blew him away
  • Why athletes are oftentimes the easiest to convince to use these techniques
  • His breakthrough stories with athletes
  • Tapping for lack of confidence
  • Actual tapping session for past trauma in sports or other performance issues

Ruth Stern
Tapping Into Deep, Peaceful, Sleep and Overcoming InsomniaIn this incredible interview you will learn:

  • How to determine the real cause of insomnia
  • Tapping for nighttime “monkey” mind
  • How your daytime activities are affecting your nighttime sleep
  • Tapping protocols for deep, peaceful sleep
Register for FREE here: http://budurl.com/TappingSummit
DAY 10
Integration Day

Jessica Ortner
Integration DayTake everything you learned in the summit and integrate it at a deeper level by tapping along with this audio. When you need a reminder of all the amazing things you learned in this summit revisit this audio and reignite your passion to create the life you deserve.Personal Peace ProcedureIn this revealing audio you will be guided to answer questions that will help you gain clarity on what is holding you back and what to target with your tapping. This powerful process will help you create an action plan to clearly identify and clear what is limiting you. You’ll leave the Tapping World Summit having not only made miraculous changes but also with a clear understanding of how to use EFT in your future for lasting personal peace.
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