Tapping to End Binge Eating – Video #3

Do you feel out-of-control with your eating?

Do you deprive yourself from foods only to lapse and binge your way back to packing on the pounds?

Is food the #1 constant struggle in your life? You are not alone.

Hear the success story of Rachael, who felt she was living a life of torture and shame. Even though she worked as a fitness expert, she was a closet binge eater. Diagnosed with “Eating Disorder” Rachael feared that her entire life would be controlled by food cravings and binge eating. Then after just five EFT/Tapping sessions Rachael stopped a many-year long binge eating cycle.

This is the third video in the 4 part free video series on using EFT tapping for weight loss.

Watch this tapping video and follow along with the tapping instructions that Rachel used to gain her freedom.

Video tapping - binge eating

Many people who have done this exercise report now being able to enjoy their favorite foods without them controlling them.

In this video EFT Expert Brittany Watkins shows you a simple powerful exercise and tapping routine. The same tapping exercise that freed Rachael from her agonizing eating disorder.

Also, Rachel shares how she:

  • Stopped a many-year long binge eating cycle in just five sessions of EFT/Tapping,
  • Learned to deeply love and appreciate herself
  • Now understands WHY she was eating so much BUT wasn’t able to stop herself
  • Turned food from a torturer into a friend!

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Become free of the torment of binge eating!

Watch the video and hear Rachel’s inspiring story and
follow along to Brittany’s Tapping exercise here:



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New to EFT Tapping?


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