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More than anything I want to alleviate suffering – mine and others! That is why I started EFT Radio, and that is what keeps me going. A big question is ‘how do we help people who are suffering?’

When the tragedy in Newtown, CT happened I spent days crying. It was unbearable for me to imagine the heart-ache of those who lost children and loved ones.

Well, the producers of the Tapping World Summit, actually live in Newtown, CT., and of course were deeply moved by this tragedy. They’ve been working with those most heavily effected in Newtown, including parents who lost children that day, first-responders, teachers and parents from the school and many others from the community. The results they’ve been getting, using Tapping, have been very powerful. They’ve been told over and over again that Tapping is helping when nothing else is.

This video will show you just how EFT Tapping is relieving trauma around the world.

The TWS producers, Nick, Jessica and Alex Ortner, are donating 100% of all purchases of the Tapping World Summit packages until they reach their goal of raising $25,000 to the trauma relief work being done in Newtown. Which means there’s still time to own a copy of the Tapping World Summit, and at the same time help others who are suffering!

Newtown, CT. Trauma Relief

You’ll also hear how other trauma relief programs are being supported, like the Veteran’s Stress Relief program for veterans dealing with PTSD, and Rwandan Genocide Survivors, as well as the Newtown, CT. community.

Scarlett Lewis, who lost her son 6 year old son Jesse Lewis, in the tragedy of Newtown, CT on December 14th, 2012, has been helped by EFT Tapping. This is what she shared,  “In my attempt to heal from the tragedy of losing my son in a tragic shooting, an experience that has broken my heart and made me question going on with my own life, I sought many different types of help. Initially I sought traditional “talk” therapy that left me re-traumatized and feeling worse. Nick Ortner introduced me to Tapping and I always finish these sessions with a deeper understanding of myself, feeling better, with a lightness of being, and hope.”

Were you one of the over 460,000 people who registered for the free part of this year’s Tapping World Summit, which just ended last Thursday?

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing the recordings, which come with workbooks, tapping scripts and bonuses…then, now is the time to do it.

You’ll be helping yourself, and so many others because 100% of all purchases during this closeout week, are being donated until they reach their goal of raising $25,000 to the trauma relief work being done in Newtown.

Watch this video to get the whole picture!

Newtown Stress and Trauma Relief



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