Tapping into Why you Want What you Want

OK, so you want a new career, a loving relationship, a better apartment or home, a reliable car.

But why?

What’s wrong with what you have now?

Obviously what you have isn’t sufficient for you or you don’t have even a bad version of what you want (unless it’s a deadbeat boyfriend and you want a good one.)

But what I want you to answer for this next show is WHY you want it.

Make a list of the benefits of having a job you truly love, such as;

  • I’ll feel good going to work everyday
  • I’ll have more than enough money
  • I like the comradery of working with others
  • My energy will go up
  • I’ll create tons of new friends

Or, if you want to attract an extra $50,00 a year…why? How would your life be different?

  • I could afford the clothes I need or want
  • I could buy a new home (or one for my parents)
  • I would have high confidence and self-esteem
  • I could travel easiy, knowing I can afford the trips

Get the idea?

Jot it down and we’ll work on it the next time.

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Host: Lindsay Kenny, foremost authority in Living Your Life by Design™ is an EFT Master, Life Coach and certified EFT AAMET Trainer of Trainers. She’s the Founder of the National Alliance for Emotional Health and teaches workshops, teleclasses and webinars worldwide in Pro EFT™, her own brand of tapping. You can find her in her coaching practice in the San Francisco area and online. For more information about Lindsay, visit her website at www.ProEFT.com or find previously recorded shows on her media page at www.ProEFTradio.com



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