Tapping into The Success Principles

You are invited to be part of EFT tapping history.It’s all explained here: http://budurl.com/thesuccessprinciples

My dear friend and colleague Pamela Bruner, co-author of EFT and Beyond, is now working with Jack Canfield, author of  Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles to create a book and DVD on using Meridian Tapping Techniques such as EFT, for success.

The book’s not out yet, and Pamela is looking for people to participate in a research project to help gather information for the book.

Participants will learn creative new tapping techniques, how to apply them to some core Success Principles, and more! And you’ll have an opportunity to contribute to tapping history, because when this book comes out, it will dramatically affect how many people know about, and see tapping.

You are invited to be part of  this exciting project, Tapping Into the Success Principles which starts soon!

Once the book and DVD are released, this won’t be offered again, so be sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity, so go check it out now ==>http://budurl.com/thesuccessprinciples

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