Tapping Into Success for Children; TappingStar Welcomes Brad Yates

Author of “The Wizards Wish”, a book for for children and those that love them, and “Freedom at your Fingertips”, internationally known EFT practitioner Brad Yates brings his creative and fun uses for EFT to TappingStar.

Join us as we discuss how and when to teach our kids meridian tapping, for a lifetime of success, health, happiness and resilience.

A best-selling author, Brad is also a respected teacher and hypnotist, coaching groups and individuals in achieving greater success, health and happiness in their lives.

His work covers a diverse crowd of small AND tall, from industry professionals, athletes, and actors to the homeless and those in recovery. A frequent presenter in energy psychology events, he’s appeared in numerous teleseminars and films, joining other luminaries like Jack Canfield and Bob Doyle.

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TappingStar hosts, Jondi Whitis and Sue Hubbard Tarlton, are certified EFT practitioners ready to help and advise you on getting tapping into schools, camps, groups, families and organizations. to speak on how she’s been able to make a difference in her local schools and how you can offer workshops and training that will make a difference in your school.

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