Tapping Into Alignment With Your Soul’s Purpose

Have you ever asked if you’re living your soul’s purpose? And what if you think you know what it is, but the results of your efforts are out of sync?

How do we get congruent, and align ourselves for greater power and peace?

EFT Founding Master Nancy Gnecco leads TapFest on a path to congruence with your purpose and natural power. Nancy is an Energy Psychotherapist, and a licensed counselor using EFT, TAT, Matrix ReImprinting and the Comprehensive Chakra Method in her practice.

TapFest has brought you on a journey with some of the finest in the EFT/MTT field, as they bring this phenomenal healing technique to countries all over the world; are you the next energy adventurer, just waiting for this kind of encouragement?

Tap with us to re-commit, re-align and re-new. Nancy Gnecco puts her years of experience and findings to work for YOU, on the next TapFest! Listen to this great conversation with American EFT Master Nancy Gnecco.  

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Host: Sue Hubbard Tarlton, EFT Practitioner and life/business coach, speaker, philosopher and visionary. She is a neurolinguistic programming master practitioner who consistently explores a wide range of interesting concepts that she incorporates in her coaching. 

Host: Find out more about Lillian Fimbres, EFT and Qigong practitioner, and The Genuine Life. Lillian resides in the New York metro area. Specialties; include, guiding clients to connect and return to self, pain and negativity removal to achieve a more authentic genuine self.

Host: Jondi Whitis, an EFT Trainer and Practitioner in Brooklyn, NY, is one of the co-founders of TapFest.com, the global tapping site, and TappingStar, the site for tapping with kids. A multi-media artist, she also teaches literacy through Art in New York City public schools, daily seeing first-hand the need and the result of how tapping helps children take charge of their feelings and choices, and perform better, too! Jondi welcomes private and group sessions, training in EFT for certification, and specialty classes for integrating EFT into any situation or specialty.


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