Tapping in Unity for Japan and the Middle East

TapFest members and friends – this Sunday we join with one another to tap for the extraordinary events in progress right now in Japan and the Middle East.  Please tune in to our live show to tap in unity for our brothers and sisters in the world who suffer.  Whether by natural disaster, as in Japan’s earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant destruction, or for those caught up in the political unrest of the Middle East, we stand in support, send our energy and Intention for relief to all.

TapFest has been urging individual surrogate tapping each day at noon, wherever you are in the world — but this Sunday is an opportunity for you to participate in a live, mass tap, in support and Intention for their swift relief, healing and resources.  If you don’t already tap surrogately, this is the perfect opportunity to learn as you tap for the world at  3pm PST .  If you’d like to see some of our tapping scripts, check the Resources tab on Tapfest.com, or write us to add your own.  Thanks for all your do in the world to make it a better place for all.

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