Tapping for Teachers; Tap to Achieve

Imagine transforming that stressful environment you encounter everyday into one where it’s easy to remain peaceful and in control. One that reflects the effective person you really are, and creates a space for both you and those you teach to easily achieve? And even better, what if I told you that you already had the tools to do it? Sound impossible?

TappingStar visits veteran educator Elizabeth Solana Calabro, who happily shares her decades of classroom expertise and wisdom on this very subject. Join us to find out how your, too, can create calm, and rise to the challenges of modern education, more organized, with greater leadership and time management skills.

And your students can enjoy even more benefits from your efforts:

Reduce Test Anxiety & School Stress * Empower Performance, such as Public Speaking and Sports Achievement * Transform Bullying & Peer Conflicts * Build Focus & Attention * Better Manage Learning Difficulties & Difficult Subject Matter * Create Better Coping Strategies * Build Self-Esteem *

Join the happy and empowered classrooms around the world that have discovered the secret they carry everyday, and start transforming your world for powerful, satisfying results. It all starts here, on TappinStar. Bring a friend or colleague and join us!

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HOST: Jondi Whitis, an EFT Trainer and Practitioner in Brooklyn, NY – A multi-media artist, she also teaches literacy through Art in New York City public schools, daily seeing first-hand the need and the result of how tapping helps children take charge of their feelings and choices, and perform better, too! Jondi welcomes private and group sessions, training in EFT for certification, and specialty classes for integrating EFT into any situation or specialty. TappingStar host Jondi Whitis brings you the finest practitioners, authors and innovators in children’s energy work for holistic health and well-being.  Check our extensive archives and join our mission, fostering a new generation of empowered, vital and healthy children. You can reach her at [email protected]

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