Tapping Away Shame About Things that Aren’t Your Fault

All of us, and I mean everyone, carries around guilt and shame about things they’ve said and done: mistakes, failures, indiscretions, bad choices and more.

These (bad) choices we make often disappoint people who care about us and ourselves.

Guilt, shame, disappointment and remorse, generated from our choices and behavior, cause self-sabotage, illness and feelings of unworthiness!

So it’s vital to our self-worth to “Tap Away” past mistakes, behavior, indiscretions and failures. It allows us to wipe the slate clean and rebuild trust in ourselves.

This show, however, isn’t about THAT kind of guilt and shame.

It’s about being ashamed of Who You ARE! Making a choice about doing something inappropriate is different.

That’s what we dealt with in the Tower of Shame Process™ (for which the recording can be found at – http://tinyurl.com/SelfSabotage13). Listening to and tapping along with that recording will help you lay a foundation for this upcoming episode.

Being born into a situation or body that isn’t your fault is entirely different from bad choices and behavior.

Here are just some of the issues people mention for which they are embarrassed or ashamed;

– the color of their skin or hair
– religion or country of origin
– foreign accent, height, weight or physical appearance
– speech or hearing impediments
– family members or family history
– physical disfigurements, disabilities or challenges
– being born with a cleft pallet, weak chin etc.

We hope you join us and tap along so you can release any shame, guilt or pain around something which wasn’t your fault.

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HOST: EFT Master Lindsay Kenny, foremost authority in Living Your Life by Design™ is an EFT Master, Life Coach and certified EFT AAMET Trainer of Trainers. She’s the Founder of the National Alliance for Emotional Health and teaches workshops, teleclasses and webinars worldwide in Pro EFT™, her own brand of tapping. You can find her in her coaching practice in the San Francisco area and online. For more information about Lindsay, visit her website at www.ProEFT.com or find previously recorded shows on her media page at www.ProEFTradio.com

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