Three Steps to Healing Anger with EFT

Why do we feel anger?  What’s it for?  And how can we use its power to transform emotional information into real healing?

TapFest talks with Interfaith Minister and Certified EFT Practitioner Ingrid Dinter, an expert in transforming anger and betrayal into emotional freedom.

Daughter of a WW2 veteran and POW, Ingrid has devoted a great deal of her practice to helping others through these devastating waters, where anger and betrayal are all too frequently hallmarks of the warrior’s experience.  However, we ALL experience these emotions, many times with crippling results.  These emotional patterns, often found keeping company with ‘emotional cousins’ named “unfair” and “misunderstood”, can be effectively released and transformed into a powerful new sense of self.

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Ingrid has a coaching and healing practice in New Hampshire where she helps coach a variety of clients and business owners with anger management and emotional overwhelm.  Anger is a subject she finds is often misunderstood.  She says “anger is a natural reaction to events in our life, and it usually subsides easily after working with EFT.   Some are so overwhelmed with the emotional intensity of their life experiences that they’re not safe to be around.  Anger can destroy families and friendships, but by recognizing and dealing with the reasons behind the anger, we can make a huge difference in people’s lives.”

She’s especially close to war veterans’ issues and co-authored a book on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  She has also written a book on helping veterans heal with EFT.  Ingrid participated in “OPERATION: Emotional Freedom”, the acclaimed film demonstrating EFT’s enormously successful impact on war veterans.


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