TapFest: Energize Your Business with Sejual Shah

TapFest presents Sejual Shah, co-Founder of Business Energetics to supercharge your business.

Sejual Shah walks us through how to approach your mindset for success, gently but powerfully guiding you through the crucial, incremental steps to a more successful you.  Learn about how your communication skills can be fine-tuned to bridge relationships into clients, and much more.  People and businesses both “buy” on relationships, how well they think you understand their issues, and how they perceive YOU.  Business success starts from the inside-out, and here’s your opportunity to find out how.  

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EFT Practitioner Sejual Shah grew up with a hard work ethic and a philosophy that every challenge was meant to be difficult to overcome. She achieved considerable success eventually practicing as an international law barrister. However, this was with much struggle and frustration. She decided to find ways to turn this outlook around because she wanted more from life.

From a young age she would intuitively relieve family members of headaches and other minor ailments with gentle touch, bringing them surprising relief from pain. My family use traditional forms of healing and herbal knowledge to improve health, in addition to consulting the GP where appropriate.

In the years that followed she trained as a lawyer and worked successfully as a barrister in the City and Brussels for five years. This provided the opportunity to work in a fast pace, exciting but high stress business environment. Her life took a different turn when a chance meeting with reiki reminded her of her early passion for healing techniques. She subsequently retrained as a coach and trainer of techniques that deliver results. To date, I’ve worked with more than 500 people across 4 continents, and delivered workshops internationally.

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