TAP Live Event for Entrepreneurs

This is a powerful free video training series offered by well-respected author, EFT Expert and Business Coach, Pamela Bruner.

Pamela went from hating marketing and sales, making only $375 a month from clients, to earning $500,000 in 2 years and loving the marketing, without losing her sanity or her integrity.

She has created a special live video presentation based on the secrets to her success.  Check out TAP Live (Taking Action for Profit). It’s specifically designed for transformational entrepreneurs – people like you, who want to transform lives, and the world with what you do, but struggle with the marketing and sales part.

You can find out more about the free training here:   http://budurl.com/taplive

Wondering if this kind of training is right for you…

  • Maybe you get butterflies when it comes to selling or marketing your business. Do you want to know how to get around that so you can double or even triple your income?
  • You love what you do, but hate the marketing part.
  • You feel like you could comfortably market and sell anyone else’s services, just not your own.
  • You wish you could charge more, but just don’t think it will work.

If any of those statements felt true for you, then don’t miss this free LIVE training in using EFT for business success!

In this content rich free video training series you’ll learn:

  • 5 marketing mistakes you’re making that are killing your profits – most marketing gurus don’t even talk about 3 of these! Find out what to do instead.
  • 3 sales strategies to double, or triple your revenue (You won’t find these in any standard sales training!)
  • How to train your mind incredibly rapidly to eliminate self-sabotage around making money.
  • WHY you should double your rates, and how to get it easily (and have your clients actually thank you for it!)

Click on the link below to get all the details for this live video training series
T.A.P. LIVE – Taking Action for Profit:
The proven way to get clients & cash especially if you’re uncomfortable with marketing and sales.

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