Tap into Your Foundation of Power

Claim the Foundation of Your Power!

You are invited to attend this free teleclass with Margaret Lynch that will help you uncover the power, presence and miracle of your 1st Chakra!

Your physical body is the primary element of your first chakra, the foundation of all that you are. When the first chakra is healthy, it is like a beautiful and powerfully magnetic tree. It is your foundation of strength, power, sensuality and divine worthiness! It also operates as a magnet, drawing to you the physical stuff that you need and desire in your life.

But all this is determined by how you feel about your body, and how safe your feel to actually “be in it”.

  • Are you ready to REALLY love your body? I mean all of it!
  • Are you ready to experience the joy of centered presence in your body
  • Are you ready to feel energy swirling and moving in your body as you observe and interact with your world?
  • Wouldn’t it be cool if other people could feel your energy and power when speak or just walk into a room?

Don’t miss this empowering free teleclass with Margaret Lynch!

Experience the true gifts of your 1st Chakra
in power, presence and magnetic

Register here to attend and to receive the recording!


September 22, Thursday at 12:00pm Eastern

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